Our family business – our claim!

The philosophy of our family business is: We operate sustainably! Why? Because we think for the next generation and want to pass on a functioning business to them. We are not only interested in short-term quarterly figures, but also and mainly in the continuous growth and long-term existence of our company. This idea of sustainability is also reflected in our quality policy, our environmental awareness, our decisions regarding the location as well as in our social commitment and in our dealings with our employees.


Quality policy

SME GmbH’s management system has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2013.

Our quality policy is based on the following principles:


Service as a maxim

Our customer service is the most important source of business success. The challenges of our customers are always our top priority.


Constant flow of information

We communicate openly and quickly with customers, suppliers and within the company. We always inform our partners in a timely and comprehensive manner.


Sustainable business

Our corporate policy in the areas of human rights, labour market, environment and anti-corruption is guided by the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles (unglobalcompact.org).


Equal opportunities in the workplace

In our human resources policy, we firmly adhere to the principles of equality and anti-discrimination. Our employees are hired and evaluated solely on the basis of professional qualifications.


Ethical core values

Our relationships with customers and suppliers are always fair and correct, governed by the high principles of Hanseatic merchants. Long-term partnerships are an important concern for us!


Consistent compliance with the law

We respect the laws of the countries in which we operate. The local and international regulations of labour, financial, environmental, customs and commercial law are precisely observed, especially the requirements of RoHS and REACH EU standards.


Working together for success

We do our work with passion and meet new challenges with sporting verve as a well-rehearsed team – so we will be able to build on our success in the future.


Reliable. Contemporary. Targeted.

We want to establish ourselves as a reliable partner for industry in all Northern European countries. Our purchasing optimisations for corporate groups and their suppliers are to become an integral part of their procurement strategy. We are also committed to the continuous optimisation of our processes.


Innovation and progress

We strive to be constantly at the forefront of technological innovation. Through continuous research and development, investment in new technologies and the ongoing training of our employees, we ensure that we can meet the future needs of our customers and effectively support them in their business goals.

Environmental policy

As part of our ISO14001:2015 certification, we are committed to conserving resources, continuously improving environmental performance and maintaining a living quality management and environmental management system.

Our detailed environmental objectives are aligned to the business strategy in an annual business plan.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is an important part of our corporate policy. We are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment and we intend to reduce this impact to the minimum possible within the limits of economic and technical possibilities.

Sustainable solutions

We have set ourselves the goal of harmonising our actions with the avoidance or reduction of environmental pollution by giving preference to sustainable solutions, insofar as this is technically and organisationally possible and economically viable.


It is a matter of course for us to comply with legal and official regulations, customer requirements and our own environmental protection requirements and – if possible – to exceed them.

External suppliers

When selecting external providers and suppliers, we consciously focus on sustainable management and attach great importance to certified environmental management.

Environmental management system

All employees are integrated into our environmental management system and are obliged to work towards the elimination of circumstances that are unnecessarily harmful to the environment. We promote the environmentally conscious behaviour of our employees through regular information and training.

Dealing with resources

Our responsibility in dealing with resources requires the identification and evaluation of significant environmental aspects, the setting of environmental goals and their verification on the basis of measurable characteristics.

Protecting the environment

The continuous improvement of our environmental performance, taking into account economic aspects, is an important contribution to the protection of the environment in the medium and long term. A trouble-free organisation and the state of the art in environmental technology provide the necessary framework for this.

Continuous improvement

Our goal is the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. With the evaluation of results as well as internal audits, the suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of the environmental management system is regularly reviewed and we commit ourselves to the continuous improvement and further development of our environmental management system.

Social responsibility

SME GmbH wants to be an active member of society and support important projects and initiatives locally or internationally. We believe that everyone should contribute to making this world a better and friendlier place to live in for everyone.


Overcoming poverty

In 2014, SME GmbH committed itself to supporting the activity of Oxfam Germany – an international development organisation that mobilises people worldwide to overcome poverty through their own efforts. As part of our project, we sponsored a fully equipped classroom for a new school to be built in West Burundi. We will continue to support Oxfam initiatives on an annual basis. oxfam.co.uk


Addiction prevention campaign

Helping children at risk – since 2022 SME has actively supported the charitable work of the association Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. We co-finance the addiction prevention campaign at schools and vocational schools in the district of Plön and thus support the distribution of the addiction help guidebook free of charge and advertising. suchthilfeverein.org


Regional development in the north

SME GmbH is a member of the Federal Association of Family Businesses and is actively involved in further expanding the association’s organisation in Schleswig-Holstein, thereby strengthening regional development and improving cultural, social and business life in the north. familienunternehmer.eu


Promoting talents

SME GmbH supports the local golf team of talented young athletes from the Kitzeberg Golf Club. Their successes and developments can also be followed on the club’s official website at golf-kiel.de.