Your supply management in the best hands!

SME GmbH, based in Schönkirchen near Kiel, supports Nordic companies in the continuous optimisation of their purchasing and logistics areas. Our valued customers include leading companies in a wide range of industrial sectors: From mechanical engineering to medical, transport, energy and electrical technologies.

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Your challenge…?

Your supply chain is professionally organised? And yet you and numerous other companies in the industrial sector are facing the same challenge: 80% of the purchasing process is accounted for by suppliers with only 20% purchasing volume.

The possible consequences:

A limited choice of products and services, making it difficult for you to fully cover your customers’ requirements and find innovative solutions. Higher costs and disadvantageous contract terms due to limited negotiating power. Delays and interruptions in the supply chain, which in the worst case can lead to production stoppages…

Our solution!

As a reliable partner at your side, SME GmbH can compensate for this discrepancy. Instead of a fixed portfolio, we offer you a range of industrial products individually tailored to your needs, as well as services related to supply, logistics, manufacturing and assembly. In this way, we support you in efficiently reducing direct costs and minimising administrative expenses.

Efficient solutions for your supply management?
We have them!

That’s where we are strong:


High cost savings

We offer you high cost savings through purchasing optimisation, effective organisation of your logistics as well as manufacturing and assembly outsourcing.


Products and services for every need

Not only do we have a wide range of products and connections to manufacturers worldwide, but we can also continue to support you with services in the areas of supply management, logistics, manufacturing and assembly.


Direct and open communication

We attach great importance to a fast and transparent exchange of information with all our business partners. This is how we measure our quality, reliability and business success.


Customised solutions for your needs

As a comprehensively competent and high-performance partner, we take on your individual sourcing challenges – no matter how big or unusual they may be!


Successful for 25 years

Since our foundation in 1998, we have been able to establish ourselves on the market as a trustworthy partner of Northern European industrial companies and thus also have an extensive network at our disposal.


Long-term thinking & sustainable management

As a family business, we think ahead for the next generation. Accordingly, we are committed to the long-term growth of our company, make sustainable decisions to the best of our knowledge and conscience and maintain consistent relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.


Always at your side

We maintain a direct and regular exchange with all of our clients, be it during personal client visits or online meetings via teams.


Continuous availability

With us, no e-mail goes unanswered for more than 12 hours. Our sales team is available for you around the clock, seven days a week.


Fast, efficient order processing

We will answer your request within 24 hours. You will receive an order confirmation within 48 hours. All processes are carefully documented!